Kawai and Yamaha grand pianos

A grand piano is made up of over nine-thousand precision parts… wood, metal, fiber, resin, and many other materials. Just assembling them into the mere form of a grand piano is, by itself, an immense undertaking. But the process of crafting them into a precision instrument capable of translating the subtle expressions of the soul into the language of music – creating an instrument that can truly “sing”… is an art.

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At Kawai, the creation of a fine piano is elevated to an art form… each one a musical masterpiece that exists not for itself, but to fulfill its destiny as an expressive extension of the artist. At the lofty pinnacle of Kawai artistry is a world-class instrument that readily translates artistic intentions into harmonious reality. The GX Series is a unified line of six superb instruments offering one consistent level of exceptional grand piano performance. Each GX Grand Piano is the result of uncompromising craftsmanship, honed by generations of experience and refinement. Together, they represent a remarkable selection of instruments offering a lifetime of musical pleasure. Drawing upon years of intelligent engineering and technical artistry, Kawai has created two superb instruments in the GE Series offering the rich, fullbodied tone that one might expect from much larger grand pianos. Both instruments combine beauty, style and high performance to offer a fulfilling musical environment for your home and family. The GM-10 and GM-12 models offer the same attention to detail and quality found in Kawai’s larger pianos… in a petite size to fit any room. The action design and components are comparable to those in our GE and GX Series pianos to provide outstanding touch and playability. With their resonant tone and classic good looks, the GM-10 and GM-12 will be an impressive addition to your home or studio. [portfolio cat=11 column=4 link=post max=100] [divider_padding]

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